10 Captivating Features of Asticou Terraces Beauty

Welcome to Asticou Terraces Beauty

Embark on a journey to the Asticou Terraces, a peaceful haven nestled in Northeast Harbor, Maine’s core. This serene retreat demonstrates a harmonious fusion of nature and artisanal skill, offering visitors an opportunity to commune with nature and soak in its stunning beauty.

The Creation of Asticou Terraces

The mesmerizing Asticou Terraces were born from Charles Kenneth Savage’s vision in the late 1950s. An enthusiastic horticulturist and ardent landscaper, Savage aspired to shape a serene, natural retreat symbolizing harmony between humans and nature. The Asticou Terraces stand as a testament to Savage’s artistic flair and commitment to conserving natural aesthetics.

The Horticultural Marvel of Asticou Terraces

The Asticou Terraces present a remarkable display of landscape design, featuring a series of exquisitely maintained gardens that tumble down Peabody Drive. Every terrace level is thoughtfully designed, showcasing a variety of vibrant plants that change with seasons, offering a continually changing scenery of natural splendor.

Strolling Through Asticou Terraces

Ascending the stone steps of the Asticou Terraces, you are welcomed by a vivid array of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each garden possesses its unique appeal, hosting a mix of native and exotic plants that give the terraces their distinct charm.

Asticou Terraces beauty

The Thuya Garden

A standout feature of the Asticou Terraces is the Thuya Garden. This captivating garden blends formal English-style borders with natural woodland settings. The garden’s name originates from the surrounding white cedar (Thuya Occidentalis), enhancing its secluded allure.

The Lodge

Perched at the peak of Asticou Terraces, you’ll find the Lodge. Constructed in 1916, this rustic edifice provides sweeping views of Northeast Harbor and the distant Cranberry Isles. The Lodge also houses a fascinating collection of books and artifacts tracing gardening and landscape design history.

The Asticou Terraces Experience

Visitors to the Asticou Terraces can anticipate a unique encounter that marries tranquility, natural elegance, and historical curiosity. The terraces are accessible all year round, enabling visitors to experience the changing seasons and the distinct flora each season introduces.

If you’re interested in creating a similar experience at home, check out our guide on crafting your dream rooftop garden terrace. For more information about Asticou Terraces, visit their Wikipedia page.


In closing, the Asticou Terraces are more than just a collection of beautiful gardens; they embody a man’s vision and dedication to nature. They provide an escape from everyday life, a space to immerse in nature’s grandeur, and find serenity amidst its tranquility.

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